Mistborn, Brandon Sanderson

Finished reading Mistborn.

Reminds me of Hunger Games a lot. It’s enjoyable as long as you read it, but once you stop, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth.
Not much to add to my previous post, really. The most annoying part is how Vin simply states that “Eland is a good man” and she “loves him”. And the rebel leader makes some strategic decisions based on that. Yeah, sixteen year old girls in their first ever relationship are known to be such a good judge of character.
There are some good twists at the end:

First, Kelsier’s brother is not killed by Inquisitors, but turned into one. Inquisitors in Mistborn play the same role as nazgul or myrddraal: scary, strong, hard to kill. But here we have one that cooperates with the protagonist.
Second, every chapter starts with a passage from a logbook of a nameless Hero, who we are convinced became the tyrant, Lord Ruler. The Hero is on a mountain climbing journey, and he constantly complains about everyting, but especially his “sherpa”, who is critical of him. But turns out the story is not about how a power corrupts even best of men: it’s the sherpa who kills the Hero, takes his place and obtains the Blessing, whatever it is.