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Bravely Default

Completed Bravely Default.
Stopped playing it before thinking that the worst part was having to beat the same 4 bosses 5 times each was boring. How naive I was.
The final two bosses are a complete nightmare. First comes Airy’s 3rd form. Here’s a good explanation why Airy is so bad.

She can wipe the entire party with the best equipment in a single turn. She lowers resistances of the entire party, then immediately deals maximum damage to everyone. People mostly beat her by exploiting one of the game mechanics. I managed to do it only by spamming Giant Draft consumables, and lots of luck.
Then comes Ouroboros, which does basically the same, but his Disaster attack simply penetrates immunities, without any explanation. Again, you just need to be lucky and hope he casts Divergence instead, which “just” disables a character for 2 turns.
My guess is that the game authors either expected players to buy limit breakers with real money (Pay2Win scheme) or to exploit the social element and summon overpowered friends (that’s why Divergence stills allow you to “Summon friend”). But since I have 0 friends, I had to go the hard way.

The saddest part, is there is no character development in the game. Best way to demonstrate it, is that there’s a dialogue at the very end, where each character tells what they plan to do once this is all over. The village boy plans to return to his village. The priestess plans to go back to her temple. There was some romantic innuendo, but it all gets discarded. It is as if the game couldn’t decide whether it’s intended for children or adults. There are some adult themes, but then in the end, everything becomes inconsequential, and everyone basically return to where they’re started. Even the Final Fantasy X trick they tried to pull, where Tiz apparently dies without others noticing gets dismissed after a few moments .

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