We have not one but three large Asian supermarkets in our neighbourhood that are extremely popular.
So today I tried Nongshim Chapagetti noodles that seem to be very popular. To me they tasted bland and not very special, despite all the praise.

Later I discovered that Koreans indeed consider them bland, and mix them with NeoGuri, which is another type of noodles from Nongshim.

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> We have three large Asian supermarkets
> Koreans indeed

а нет японского, китайского, вьетнамского?

у меня вокруг тоже много азиатщины, но она вся вьетнамская что немного расстраивает своим однообразием.

Hard to say.
I think most of the personel is from Hong Kong, and some of the food they sell is actually made in the UK, but for Asians 🤷‍♂️

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