In March my SanDisk flash drive started to refuse writing anything at all. By some luck I still had it under warranty, so I decided to give RMA a try. It took them exactly 5 months to send me a new one. Five months. By that time I of course bought another one.

Then a couple of weeks back my expensive Philips shaver stopped charging. I took a look and discovered that one of the charging pins broke off and got stuck inside the charger socket 🤦‍♂️

So I sent the whole thing back. Philips shipped the shaver quickly enought, everything took hardly two weeks. But… Only the handle arrived. Now look, they said in their instructions that I shouldn’t send any accessories. But I didn’t consider the shaver head to be an accessory. And the charger was broken, what was I supposed to do?

In any case, I contacted them, and they agreed to even send me a complete shaver. We’ll wait and see how that works out.