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I expected it to be good, and it is indeed really, really good. The beginning is a bit deceptive, as you’re told that you have different bounties to collect.


But in fact, the game is linear, and each bounty is just a separate level. First levels are short, about 5-10 minutes each, and with checkpoints, although you get bonus for completing each level without dying. At the end of each level is a unique boss, who’s also voiced. And second boss already has two phases. Super impressive.

There are three characters to pick from, each with a different main weapon and throwing skill. There are covers, like in Blackthorne, and the covergame is the same. Your sidearm has infinite ammo, and then you can carry another weapon with a limited ammo as well. The most fun is to pick up a minigun, and you don’t have to wait long until you find one.

Huntdown-2023-08-13-22-15-34-02-DVR-mp4-000103-999 Huntdown-2023-08-13-22-15-34-02-DVR-mp4-000323-795 Huntdown-2023-08-13-22-21-30-03-DVR-mp4-000016-500 Huntdown-2023-08-13-22-21-30-03-DVR-mp4-000145-499 Huntdown-2023-08-13-22-21-30-03-DVR-mp4-000439-513   Huntdown-Screenshot-2023-08-13-22-04-32-32 Huntdown-Screenshot-2023-08-13-22-09-19-72