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Iron Harvest

I’m actually amazed that they implemented an armored train in the game. It moves on tracks, and you need to switch the tracks with infantry, and it also can carry infantry and has a Long Berta like artillery cannon, so it’s actually very useful.
After a few intense campaigns for Polania (Poland), we switch to playing with Rusviet (Russian Empire) forces. But those missions are mostly hero-based, which after you’ve already experienced the more strategical missions is slightly disappointing.
You do get to play one strategy-scale mission with Rusviet, at least. It’s a bit annoying, because there are Tesla Towers (sic) that only one hero can disable, and that destroy everyone else in a couple of shots. So there’s still plenty of micromanagement. But at least you get to experience the Rusviet heaviest mech, Gulyay-Gorod, which is an absolute blast. As well as their version of Katyusha.

There are some surprisingly good plot twists.
The threaty between Saxony (Germany) and Rusviet leaves Polania under Russian occupation, with which they aren’t happy.
But resistance turns out to be a ploy of an Evil Shadow Organization, Fenris, which Evil Colonel Zubov is part of.
Tsar Nicolas (sic), who even has Rasputin (sic, sic) sends his head spy, Olga, to investigate.
Turns out Anna’s brother hasn’t been killed, but badly burned, then switched with a dead Rusviet soldier to be made into a cyborg. So now he spied on Zubov.

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