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Board games and video games

I find that the best way for me to learn a board game is to play its videogame version for a bit. That way you feel that something guides you, doesn’t allow you to make completely stupid mistakes and you don’t need to bother with maths either.
This worked great with PC version of Wingspan for me. Then I tried to console version on Catan, which is tiny and hard to follow, but still helps.

And now I tried Root. The interesting bit about Root is that it’s completely asymmetric, unlike most board games. Every has different mechanics: one has fixed number of moves, another has number of moves increasing every turn, another has number of moves depending on the items. Starting positions are completely different: one faction controls all areas, but is spread very thin, while another controls just one area, but has a large force there. So while certainly not something I would play solely for my enjoyment, it’s interesting, and well executed.