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Need for Speed High Stakes (PSX)

Impressed that the upgrades actually alter the car looks a bit:

Retro-Arch-Screenshot-2024-03-23-15-54-54-20 Retro-Arch-Screenshot-2024-03-23-16-20-19-20 Retro-Arch-Screenshot-2024-03-23-16-20-36-17 Retro-Arch-Screenshot-2024-03-23-16-20-53-50 Retro-Arch-Screenshot-2024-03-23-16-21-10-77 Retro-Arch-Screenshot-2024-03-23-17-16-16-35

It’s nice that until the final tournament, you don’t have to grind money at all. It’s just all natural progression. For the final tournament that requires 500K cars though, you will have to grind a bit. Here’s the funny part, though. You can either do the Grand Touring Competition tournament for a 100K prize, or the International Supercar Series tournament for a 175K prize. But, the second tournament is much, much harder: the cars like Lamborghini Diablo SV and Ferrari F50 are very prone to losing control, and quite a few tracks have rain conditions, which only worsens the situation. This tournament is not fun. At all. Instead, you can literally cruise through the first tournament on the Ferrari 550, and get what you want with less effort, and less real-time.
The last tournament takes place on a completely new set of tracks. And although McLaren F1 GTR is a beauty to behold, PSX aesthetics aside, and a pleasure to drive, I feel like this tournament requires to much planning for me to care.


Retro-Arch-2024-03-21-23-26-55-14-DVR-mp4-000005-752 Retro-Arch-2024-03-23-16-08-23-02-DVR-mp4-000321-562 Retro-Arch-2024-03-23-16-08-23-02-DVR-mp4-000410-032 Retro-Arch-2024-03-23-16-08-23-02-DVR-mp4-000436-599 Retro-Arch-2024-03-23-16-08-23-02-DVR-mp4-000455-499 Retro-Arch-2024-03-23-17-15-54-03-DVR-mp4-000000-503 Retro-Arch-2024-03-23-17-15-54-03-DVR-mp4-000445-048 Retro-Arch-2024-03-31-22-26-39-05-DVR-mp4-000422-115 Retro-Arch-2024-03-31-22-26-39-05-DVR-mp4-000449-115 Retro-Arch-Screenshot-2024-03-19-20-31-35-32 Retro-Arch-Screenshot-2024-03-23-13-50-30-42 Retro-Arch-Screenshot-2024-03-23-15-54-32-89 Retro-Arch-Screenshot-2024-03-23-15-54-50-51

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