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Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty

I always thought that New ‘n’ Tasty is just a remaster of Oddworld: Abe’s Odyssey. Turns out it’s a complete remake. I never played Abe’s Odyssey, so I gave it a try as well.


And I think I prefer the remake better.


The game itself is a puzzle-platformer, akin to Another World, featuring mostly defenceless or at least not very heavily armed hero that needs to sneak past or cleverly incapacitate his enemies.
At later stages he also gets the ability to possess enemies, ride a local version of Yoshi and there are also some weird “puzzles” where you need to repeat a sequence of notes after other Mudakons.


One notable feature that the remake didn’t need, though, are particles flying into the camera:

It’s ingenius.

Oddworld-New-n-Tasty-Screenshot-2024-04-04-22-42-16-35  Oddworld-New-n-Tasty-Screenshot-2024-04-04-23-14-53-41 Oddworld-New-n-Tasty-Screenshot-2024-04-08-20-23-17-35 Oddworld-New-n-Tasty-Screenshot-2024-04-08-20-30-25-06 Oddworld-New-n-Tasty-Screenshot-2024-04-08-20-46-14-78 Oddworld-New-n-Tasty-Screenshot-2024-04-08-20-49-36-44 Oddworld-New-n-Tasty-Screenshot-2024-04-08-20-51-34-99 Oddworld-New-n-Tasty-2024-04-08-20-48-56-10-DVR-mp4-000434-209 Oddworld-New-n-Tasty-2024-04-08-20-48-56-10-DVR-mp4-000435-931