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Call of Duty Vanguard

Completed Call of Duty Vanguard.
And… we’re back to Stalingrad. And now there are sniper duels. Can’t escape this, I guess. There’s an episode similar to Modern Warfare 2020, when you have to sneak around and stab a boss multiple times before he dies. And also there are hard-to-kill machine wielding brutes that came out of Wolfenstein.

Then we’re in Lybia. There are a few fun guns there: ITRA Burst, NZ-41. Nothing ground-breaking, but again, a nice set of missions. Oh, and you get to play with the Warmachine, but only for a few minutes.

Then there’s the Berlin ’45 episode. I mentioned that I like when Call of Duty games switch characters. But that’s the first time they do it mid-mission, and it’s great, actually.

I won’t lament about the game being “too short”. It’s just long enough for me. What I do like is that unlike Call of Duty Cold War it’s a complete story: you don’t need to play 4 more seasons of multiplayer or buy some comics to see it through.

Call-of-Duty-Vanguard-Screenshot-2024-04-26-22-09-55-35 Call-of-Duty-Vanguard-Screenshot-2024-04-26-22-24-57-60 Call-of-Duty-Vanguard-Screenshot-2024-04-26-22-50-36-47 Call-of-Duty-Vanguard-Screenshot-2024-04-26-22-57-34-30 Call-of-Duty-Vanguard-Screenshot-2024-04-27-18-01-30-55 Call-of-Duty-Vanguard-Screenshot-2024-04-27-18-31-37-88   Call-of-Duty-Vanguard-Screenshot-2024-04-27-18-54-50-95 Call-of-Duty-Vanguard-2024-04-24-21-10-12-21-DVR-mp4-000420-799 Call-of-Duty-Vanguard-2024-04-24-21-16-45-22-DVR-mp4-000451-711 Call-of-Duty-Vanguard-2024-04-25-22-11-17-27-DVR-mp4-000455-730 Call-of-Duty-Vanguard-2024-04-27-17-59-35-30-DVR-mp4-000413-015 Call-of-Duty-Vanguard-2024-04-27-18-13-35-31-DVR-mp4-000451-681 Call-of-Duty-Vanguard-2024-04-27-18-19-10-32-DVR-mp4-000435-498 Call-of-Duty-Vanguard-2024-04-27-18-19-10-32-DVR-mp4-000441-093  Call-of-Duty-Vanguard-2024-04-27-21-30-36-34-DVR-mp4-000448-631