Baby Reindeer

The Bear changed TV series. Uneven length of episodes, uneven number of episodes, the intensity, the closeups when you can see the pores on someone’s nose – Baby Reindeer has it all.
Main character is made to be quite unlikable: ruffled haircut, unshaven. It’s hard to see what anyone could find in him.
It is a story of confusion. Most stories are of linear growth: a character starts low, then with ups and downs reaches the top. I’m not sure this could be said about that story. At one point he mentions that he never convicted his real abuser, and in the last episode, he even goes back to see him and get another offer, because his abuser never learned any lesson. And with how the character behaves, going back on all his choices, it wouldn’t be surprised if he accepts the offer for the second time.
I think Baby Reindeer gets a lot of difficult things right: sexual abuse, sexuality changes, and the fact that humans are, unreasonable, in the end.