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Iron Harvest

After failure with Scythe, set in the same universe, I’m surprised how good Iron Harvest is. It resembles Company of Heroes, with it’s squads and cover. But in a fictional World War I setting with mechs.
The visuals are frankly amazing. While trails in deep snow aren’t new, I think it’s the first time I see them in what’s basically an RTS.

Infantry can hide in buildings, and capture heavy equipment, such as machine guns and howitzers.


What’s interesting, they can also switch classes by picking up weapons from the fallen enemies. Kill a squad of machinegunners, and become a squad of machinegunners yourself!

We play as a Polish partisan girl that has a pet bear Wojtek. The girls father turns out to be some famous mech engineer, and is hunted, and later tortured and killed, by an Evil Russian Colonel. We team up with the girl’s uncle, who’s the head of Polish partisans, to seek revenge.