HiFiMan Sundara

As I’ve proven many times, despite owning a bunch of high-end audio equipment, I don’t understand anything in music.
But there’s one test where open-backed headphones clearly superior to the closed ones:

Yes, it’s a crappy video. But when I watch it with Sundara on, I constantly turn my head over my shoulder to understand where the little girl came from. The presence they provide is sometimes scary.

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I’m not sure to be honest.

I enjoy comfort of headphones, build quality and that they are of open type. It’s nice to not be isolated from world and it helps during web calls.

But I do not feel any ‘spacious effect’ and do not feel any sound quality superiority over regular headphones.

Yes, some sounds are more pronounced, but I compare €150 headphones to €40 ones.

But I highly dislike that when I put them on head — I hear how pressure hit plastic bag near my ears. It’s not an unpleasant, but I afraid each time that this questionable membrane will brake.

So I do not know, I do not get this planars idea and I glad I bought cheapest one.

May be my brain will adjust more over next month and I will begin to feel something — first days with them were quite weird.

To be fair, I switch between closed-back regular and open-backed planar from time to time.
Certainly not something to invest in unless you really like them.

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