Nier Replicant

The music in this game is something else, I must admit. Having vocals is not something many games try to pull out.

Bad mouthed Kaine is sure a good comic relief.


With her, we travel to a Sand City that has thousands of rules. Obviously the dungeon / temple puzzles are also based around following bizarre rules: no jumping in one room, no running or using magic in another.

And suddenly the game turns into a text adventure.


And then it mocks Resident Evil with its mansion and keys.


There we meet and kill Red Book, that doesn’t speak, though, and a boy, Emil, that can petrify with his gaze.

Then the village gets attacked. This episode is seriously technically impressive, with that huge boss chasing the hero:


We try to fend it off, but Kaine has to be sacrificed, turned into stone, to seal one of the Shades, and a dark twin of a protagonist appears alongside Grimoire Noir, which we were about to start chasing. Noir explains that it must unite with Weiss to bring Shades upon the world, but Weiss refuses. Still, protagonist gets stabbed, and Yona stolen by the Shadowlord.


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