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Nier Replicant

Completed Nier Replicant.
As I already mentioned, OST of Nier is something else:

Being grown up means mostly you revisit same locations again, and with the Junkyard, I think even twice.
Some of those are better, like the Octopus Girl boss. of them are meh, like the Wolf boss.
Devola and Popola, the town major and her twin sister, turn out to be evil witches. And everyone turns out to be android, while the Shades are the real humans. This is all explained in a sneaky burst of images at the very end of the game. Not a real surprise, as the subtitle of the remake is “Replicant”. Akin to “The Island”, the plan was for people souls to return into the android “shells” after the pandemic is over, but souls turned into monsters, while shells developed conscience and rejected their owners.
There are 4 more endings, achieved by playing the second half of the game 3 more times, and then the entire game again from the start. But I think I’ll stop there. It’s great the Nier has a sane difficulty: unlike Bayonetta or Revengeance, nor like Souls games, not once I wanted to break my gamepad while playing it for 20 hours. But I played it for 20 hours, and I think that’s quite enough. No amount of post-irony and self-humor about boring dungeons and quest can hide the fact that those are indeed boring.

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Nier Replicant

A game makes a timejump 5 years. Timejumps aren’t new: Ocarina of Time pulled it, Breath of Fire 2 pulled it too. But I still respect every game that manages to do it properly. This one does.

Now our hero isn’t a teenager anymore, although that makes him resemble Dante now much more. I was also wondering why the game mentiones that the sword you find are “one-handed”, since they all were one-handed. This is why. As an adult, the protagonist can also weild two-handed swords. Nice.
Emil, the kid that is able to petrify with his stare, discovers that his mansion has a laboratory underneath (another Resident Evil reference), and there his sister, turned into a huge monster, is kept. And he was given his capabilities to stop her. The game perspective switches to 2.5D isometric ARPG-like for a while.


The siblings merge, Emil receives magic abilities, but now looks like a skeleton, a miniature version of his sister. I always thought that the skeleton on the cover is Grimoir Weiss personified.

With that, Kaine is un-petrified, and the monster she held sealed finally beaten.


Nier Replicant

The music in this game is something else, I must admit. Having vocals is not something many games try to pull out.

Bad mouthed Kaine is sure a good comic relief.


With her, we travel to a Sand City that has thousands of rules. Obviously the dungeon / temple puzzles are also based around following bizarre rules: no jumping in one room, no running or using magic in another.

And suddenly the game turns into a text adventure.


And then it mocks Resident Evil with its mansion and keys.


There we meet and kill Red Book, that doesn’t speak, though, and a boy, Emil, that can petrify with his gaze.

Then the village gets attacked. This episode is seriously technically impressive, with that huge boss chasing the hero:


We try to fend it off, but Kaine has to be sacrificed, turned into stone, to seal one of the Shades, and a dark twin of a protagonist appears alongside Grimoire Noir, which we were about to start chasing. Noir explains that it must unite with Weiss to bring Shades upon the world, but Weiss refuses. Still, protagonist gets stabbed, and Yona stolen by the Shadowlord.


PS4 Sony

Nier Replicant

Story wise, there are two siblings, one of which, Yonah, is sick with some curse. Her brother finds a talking White Book, that is supposed to heal her, if he finds the Black Book. This is all set in a post apocalyptic world that fell into Middle Ages
I tried to play the original Nier back in the day on Xbox360. The English version protagonist was a middle aged man, Yonah father. Then when the remake came out I discovered that in the Japanese version it was always Yonah’s brother, a teenager.
Most interesting part of the game is the camera work. Usually it’s just a free 3rd person view. But sometimes it would switch to a sidescroller, or a top down view.
The gameplay is quite boring, that’s why I dropped it the first time. It’s a mix of ARPG and slasher mechanics. It’s interesting though, that the game has some selfawareness. At one point, Weiss asks the hero what he thinks about the stupid errands everyone gives him. At another point, the hero asks why a girl he meets is wearing just a lingerie: a common fantasy trope for sure.

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О Nier Replicant

Посмотрел трейлер Nier Replicant и подумал “странно, я ведь кажется играл в это на Xbox’е, но там был мужик, а не мальчик”.

Оказалось, что в японской версии персонаж действительно был другим.
Было бы хорошо, если бы они еще в Final Fantasy XII то же самое сделали бы…

В любом случае, думал проходить Nier: Automata, но теперь подожду и пройду лучшую версию сначала.

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Об Nier: Automata

Консольный бизнес уже настолько загнулся, что теперь на ПеКа портируют уже все, что попало. Причем сразу. Вот и знатный треш Nier: Automata зачем-то везут на пекашечку.



Всегда считал, что Nier сродни Devil May Cry, этакий прямолинейный слешер. Оказалось, что он ближе по духу какой-нибудь Dark Souls. Этакая урезанная action/RPG, где с одной стороны есть прокачка, а с другой, нужно много уклоняться от атак противников.
Графика в игре более чем посредственная. Мало того, что она на уровне Final Fantasy X, так еще и лицо главного героя ваял явно не самый талантливый мастер. Особенно грустно выглядит первое подземелье – череда одинаковых песочного цвета комнат.
Зима 2049го. Больная маленькая девочка, ее отец и Зловещая Книга прячутся в руинах от странных черных монстров. Зловещая Книга предлагает отцу Силу в обмен всего то на его душу, и будучи неспособным защитить дочь при помощи ржавой трубы он принимает сделку. Книга надеяет его способностью вызывать из ниоткуда копья и лапу, подозрительно похожую на лапу охотящихся за ними монстров. По девочке начинают ползти черные буквы.
1312 лет спустя. Человечество судя по всему скатилось до средневековья. Тот же отец, та же кашляющая девочка. Что здесь вообще происходит?
Девочка отправляется в “храм”, иначе говоря в какое-то полуразрушенное железобетонное здание на окраине деревни, в надежде найти там волшебный цветок, который ее исцелит. Отец отправляется за ней, и заручившись поддержкой Зловещей Книги расправляется с двумя ожившими статуями и спасает дочь. По ней опять начинают ползти черные буквы. В деревне объясняют, что по легенде, все беды от Grimoire Noir. А говорящая книга, которую он нашел в храме – это Grimoire Weiss, который, будучи прокачанным, должен победить Noir’а, и тогда воцарится мир во всем мире, и даже дочка выздоровеет. Отправляемся в соседнюю деревню за первой Sealed Verse.